Happy disability day!

Today is the official United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD).

It is celebrated all over the world, in all sorts of way. This year I contributed with being the artistic director of ON DISPLAY in Norway.

ON DISPLAY GLOBAL was first initiated by Heidi Latsky dance company and the UN and has grown from two to over seventy sites in four years. ON DISPLAY is Heidi Latsky’s response to the stigma attached to difference. It is a deconstructed art exhibit and commentary on the body as spectacle and society's obsession with body image. ON DISPLAY turns a cast of diverse and extreme bodies into a sculpture court where the performers are the sculptures.


I feel proud and honored to be part of such great initiative, and I am so happy I go to see it through with Danselaboratoriet in Trondheim. They did the celebration in advance, and perfomed the installation last saturday.

For the first time Norway is a part of ON DISPLAY GLOBAL, and the video from Trondheim is part of this years full global video:

Now my goal is to keep expanding in Norway, so that more cities can be a part of ON DISPLAY GLOBAL next year. This is a great way to approach dance and disability, an to celebrate our differences, rather than hiding them.

We’ve always been taught not to stare; not to look at someone deeply because it might offend them; that if someone “different” catches our eye we have objectified them. This is the life of the viewer.

Alternatively, should we possess a birthmark, a glorious height, or unknown disability we risk being ostracized. This is the life of the viewed.

- Heidi Latsky Dance

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